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STEM-Talk Episode 47: Dr. Tommy Wood

Neonatal brain injuries and optimizing human performance


Dr. Tommy Wood is a U.K. trained MD/PhD who now lives in the U.S. He has spent most of his academic career studying ways to treat babies with brain injuries, but has also published papers on multiple sclerosis, as well as nutritional approaches to sports performance and metabolic disease.

Today’s conversation is the first of a two-part interview we did with Tommy. Part two will upload to iTunes on Oct. 10.

Tommy received an undergraduate degree in biochemistry from the University of Cambridge before attending medical school at the University of Oxford. He recently completed a PhD in physiology and neonatal brain metabolism at the University of Washington. He is now a Senior Fellow at the university researching neonatal brain injury.

He also is the incoming president of the Physicians for Ancestral Health, an international organization of physicians, healthcare professionals and medical students that specializes in ancestral health principles for the prevention and treatment of illness.

Tommy is also an experienced rowing, endurance, and strength coach who combines evolutionary principles with modern biochemical techniques to optimize performance. He previously performed this work with Nourish Balance Thrive, a functional medicine clinic based in California that works largely with athletes, where he was the Chief Medical Officer.

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