• Dr. Ragnar

Primal Blueprint: Setting Us Straight on The Self-Quantification Movement

This podcast was recorded and posted on Primal Blueprint as episode 360. You can listen to the podcast by heading to this website or by downloading the podcast on iTunes:


Host Brad Kearns summarized the podcast below:

"Host Brad Kearns welcomes newly anointed University of Washington professor Dr. Tommy Wood to help us make sense of the exciting new health trends that can really get confusing when we hear disparate expert opinions. Dr. Tommy is one of the most sensible and highly knowledgeable voices you will hear in the ancestral health scene, and this show hits some hot button items that you’ll love to learn more about. Dr. Tommy explains the common ground among whole food plant based and carnivore, how we might be overselling the importance of diet and many of the popular biohacking practices. We talk about striking a healthy balance between the benefits of fasting and caloric efficiency and eating nutritious foods to fuel workouts and promote recovery. This show offers an elegant blend of sensible, actionable advice and scientific commentary that will help you learn more to the story than the screaming health headlines."
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