I am a Research faculty at the University of Washington (UW) in the Department of Pediatrics. My research focuses on ways to increase resilience of, and treat injury of, the developing brain. I have a bachelor's degree in biochemistry from the University of Cambridge, a medical degree from the University of Oxford, and a PhD in physiology and neuroscience from the University of Oslo. In addition to my role as a faculty at UW, I serve as President of Physicians for Ancestral Health, and on the scientific advisory board of Hintsa Performance. Alongside my career in medicine and research, I have invested time in developing easily-accessible methods with which to track human health, performance, and longevity. I have published and spoken on multiple topics surrounding functional and ancestral approaches to health, including examining the root causes of multiple sclerosis and insulin resistance. I also use my experiences in coaching and competing in rowing, CrossFit, powerlifting, and ultra-endurance racing to inform my day-to-day interaction with clients looking to achieve long-term health and performance.

My website name is derived from my middle name, Ragnar, which means "wise warrior." I am half Icelandic and half British, but was born in the US. I currently live in Seattle, WA with my wife, Professor Elizabeth Nance, and our two energetic and goofy boxers, Parker and Bowen. My hobbies include reading, cooking, lifting something heavy, and being the best dog dad possible. 



Research Assistant Professor, University of Washington Division of Neonatology

Board member and co-founder, Icelandic Health Symposium


Director and co-founder, British Society of Lifestyle Medicine


Scientific advisory board member, Hintsa Performance


President, Physicians for Ancestral Health


Research Scientist (by courtesy), Institute for Human and Machine Cognition



Brain Injury

Physiological and metabolic responses to brain injuries, including TBI, concussions, and neonatal hypoxia-ischemia (stroke).

Biomarkers of longevity

Leveraging machine learning to develop easily accessible methods in which to track biological aging.

Physiological resilience

Environmental (lifestyle) and therapeutic interventions to increase healthspan.

2013 - 2016

PhD, University of Oslo

Department of Physiology

2007 - 2011

BM BCh, University of Oxford Medical School

Medical Degree - Graduate Entry

2004 - 2007

Bachelor of Arts, University of Cambridge

Natural Sciences (Biochemistry)


2007 – Present           British Medical Association

2013 – Present           Pediatric Academic Society


2015 – Present           Physicians for Ancestral Health


2016 – Present           British Society of Lifestyle Medicine